2021 World Language Teacher Summit

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Join 35 of the most inspiring educators and language teachers who share their innovative methods with you for this year.

MODULE 1 - The Power of Stories

Module 1 dives into a powerful engagement tool: stories. From ancient legends to modern blogs, listen to our presenters walk through ways to create stories, interpret stories, and manipulate stories all in the service of language learning. Motivate students through beginning, middle, and end -- we're sure you'll be glued to the screen with all these sessions have to offer!

MODULE 2 - Inclusion Through Windows & Mirrors

Module 2 brings all students to the forefront. As teachers of language and culture, it is crucial to tune into the macro and micro cultures inside our walls and outside. By offering mirrors (reflections of students in the curriculum) and windows (views into other peoples' experiences), we nurture a respectful classroom where all students feel included and welcomed.

MODULE 3 - For Days that Need to Shine

Sometimes we need a little extra boost. We could all use a little extra shine in some of those lessons, so today's presenters spotlight new ideas, tasks, or tools to use with your students. While maybe this could be quickly enveloped into your units, keep yourself open to how a single element of one of these presentations could inspire bigger change.

MODULE 4 - Twisting the Nuts & Bolts

The nitty-gritty of teaching can draw us into the minutia of a missing point on an assignment and a missing gender agreement and yet these portray the values we hold both in terms of grading and effective communication. A little twist to Module 4 involves rethinking those nuts and bolts of the classroom like verb charts, textbooks, and routines to align our daily practices to student outcomes.

MODULE 5 - The Big Picture

In this module, presenters remind us to hold on to the Big Picture. Why do you teach? How do you teach? How do students learn? How do we shape our units and assessments? Join us for some deep dives into methods and mindsets.

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