2022 World Language Teacher Summit

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Join 32 of the most inspiring educators and language teachers who share their innovative methods with you for this year.

MODULE 1 - Celebrate you: how students' uniqueness differentiates curriculum

Particularly in today's teaching climate, students come into our class with vastly different knowledge, skills, learning styles, cultures, and bandwidth. Differentiating and scaffolding provides access for some learners and diverse resources that offer mirrors and doors to their experiences and others' gives students the chance to see themselves as part of a bigger picture. It can take significant time and energy to make every student feel included and yet the richness of community and creativity that unfolds as a result can make all the difference. Tune in today and start your week off planning for all students.

MODULE 2 - Language & literacy: using stories to develop proficiency and critical thinking skils

When it comes to connecting language learning with literacy, the overlaps are immense. As we teach students to decipher language, to negotiate for meaning, and to interpret resources, we partner with their language arts instruction to increase literacy skills, critical thinking skills, and perspective-taking. But literacy doesn't have to be dry! Stories grab our attention whether written via graphic novel or poem, or even heard in a song or movie. Today's presenters show us tools to engage, exploit, and encourage literacy.

MODULE 3 - How to...

Maybe this idea was on your district's buzzword bingo card this year, but we can't try everything all at once! Take these instructional videos one by one and try out something new this week. Some of the videos center on classroom ideas: from getting everything you can out of a resource to designing curriculum based on brain research. And yet, there are other pathways to explore outside your room and your students such as National Board Certification and teaching abroad. Start with something just outside your comfort zone that makes sense in your context and see how to make it work for you!

MODULE 4 - Language in is language out - Acento latino

Using textual resources from poetry to novels is not only essential in building literacy skills, but also promises increased target language production. Today, think through how to engage your students before, during, and after reading, paying careful attention to scaffold and checking for understanding along the way. Then, think about all the layers of text you can unpack to get the most out of it. Finally, allow your students the time to process the information so that they can apply the structures and vocabulary they have grappled with in their oral interactions

MODULE 5 - But what about...?: Foundational topics beyond the daily lesson

If you had to name what is at the heart of teaching, your answer may range from lesson design to performance-based assessment, or you may take a student's perspective and think about learning and preparing for the world. Teaching is indeed built on a foundational jigsaw because each element from administration to extracurriculars plays a role. Today we go beyond the tunnel vision of creating resources and think about some bigger ideas like student ownership, diversity, and advocacy. That's not to say we leave cornerstones like vocabulary, structures, and assessments behind! As we wrap up this year's summit, take a higher view of the purpose, strategies, and outcomes rather than the how-to activities for tomorrow.

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