Fall 2023 World Language Teacher Summit

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Join us at the Fall 2023 World Language Teacher Summit, where language educators from around the globe converge to explore a rich combination of innovative teaching strategies and transformative insights. With 28 sessions, our conference promises to invigorate your teaching journey.

From reimagining curriculum design and harnessing the power of storytelling to integrating AI tools and fostering student engagement, our diverse range of sessions offers a comprehensive toolkit for educators. Learn how to support heritage speakers, embrace technology, and address common teaching mistakes, all while promoting cultural comprehension and empowering students for near-native fluency.

Discover creative ways to reach even the most apathetic students, explore the potential of AI in language education, and uncover strategies for achieving work-life balance. Find a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to elevate your teaching and make a lasting impact on your students' language acquisition journey.

  1. UnBleach Your Curriculum in Your Spanish Classroom by Jenniffer Whyte
  2. Reimagine Unit Design: 5E Model of Instruction & 21st Century Skills by Chelsea Lawrence
  3. A Simple Roadmap to Creating a Student-Led Event with Sub-committees by Esther Galo
  4. Going Grade-less by Jennifer Carter
  5. Meet Them Where They Are: Differentiation for the Post-Pandemic Learner by Elisa Kirschhoffer and Maureen Lamb
  6. Practical Activities to Engage Language Students with AI by Fanest Coronado


  1. Literature Circles in the World Language Classroom by Amanda Williams
  2. Storytelling in the Language Classroom by Andrea Olatunji
  3. Using Picture Talk for Engaging Comprehensible Input in Spanish Class by Eliana Peñaranda
  4. A Recipe for Writing: Getting Students Excited about Writing (And Sharing) in the Target Language! by Eric Richards
  5. Designing In-Class Flips for Student-Centered Learning by Martha Ramírez
  6. Sustained Reading in the World Language Classroom by Dawn George


  1. Classroom Routines by Allison Wienhold
  2. Gallery Walk in the Language Class: All About Student Engagement by Claudia Elliott
  3. 10 Easy Ways to Support Heritage Speakers in Your Classroom by Kristin Montgomery
  4. Cultural Comprehensible Input by Rebecca Balus
  5. Creative Ways to Reach Apathetic Students Leading Them to Near-Native Fluency for Elementary, Middle, and High School by Trisha McMurray
  6. How to Get Students to Speak in the Target Language by Rachel Lucas


  1. AI Tools Language Teachers Must Try by Bertha Delgadillo
  2. Artificial Intelligence - New Era Technology for Use in the WL Classroom by Christopher Dabb
  3. Taking the Technology Turn: Integrating Artificial Intelligence into World Language Classrooms by Dr. Jerry L. Parker
  4. Possibilities and Practicalities of ChatGPT in Language Teaching and Learning by Joe Dale
  5. AI for CI: Student Edition by Maureen Lamb
  6. AI for CI: Teacher Edition by Maureen Lamb


  1. Project-Based Learning in Language Acquisition by Meera Acharekar
  2. Mistakes Foreign Language Teachers Make by Jazz Cole
  3. Learning Spanish Through Latin American Women's Voices by Adriana Ramírez
  4. Getting Started with Differentiation in the Language Class by Lynda Taylor
  5. Balancing Your Life: Aiming for Work-Life Balance by Ruth Valle

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