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The best educators and Spanish teachers show you in-depth how they share their passion for Spanish with their students, motivate them to learn, and the techniques and tools they use to achieve it all.


  1. The ABCs of Project Based Learning
by Laura Sexton
  2. Moving Away From Grammar Based Teaching
by Albert Fernández
  3. Creating And Assessing With Integrated Performance Assessments (IPAs)
by Maris Hawkins
  4. Assessment Demystified
by Tina Hargaden
  5. Working Smarter, Not Harder (To Maintain Your Sanity)
by Bethanie Drew
  6. 5 Must Have Tech Tools by Rachel Lucas


  1. Two Classes in One: Strategies for Heritage and New Language Learners in Mixed Class Teaching by Jenna Cushing-Leubner
  2. Myths (And Truths) About Teaching Spanish Heritage Classes
by Adrienne Brandenburg
  3. Teaching Spelling To Heritage Learners: No Drills Required
by Florencia Henshaw
  4. Managing the Mixed Classroom
by Sam Finneseth
  5. Affirming Multilingual Identities: Language And Power
by Kristin Montgomery
  6. Techniques for Heritage Speakers to Discover and Embrace Their Own Identity
by Jen López


  1. Teach Bell To Bell, Not Yell To Yell by Meredith White
  2. Growing Community In Your Classroom
by Laurie Clarcq
  3. Mindfulness: Every Student Is Seen And Heard
by Annabelle Williamson
  4. The Arts In A Heritage Language Class: Student Engagement & Teacher Sanity
by Michaela McCaughey


  1. Using Interactive Notebooks for Hands-On Engagement
by Emilie del Risco
  2. Get Your Spanish Class Moving! - Including Movement In Your Classroom
by Allison Wienhold
  3. Making Language Doable: Building Student Confidence
by Amy Lenord
  4. The Big 3: Getting Your Students Reading, Speaking And Writing Every Day
by Erin Carlson


  1. Transitioning to Comprehensible Input
by Ashley Mikkelsen
  2. Compelling & Comprehensible Techniques
by Sarah Breckley
  3. How To Involve Comprehensible Input Into Your Textbook Teaching
by Jodi Stokydk
  4. BONUS DEEP DIVE SESSION - Evaluating Textbook Activities for Comprehensibility (Part 1)
  5. BONUS DEEP DIVE SESSION - Evaluating Textbook Activities for Comprehensibility (Part 2)
  6. Ten Target Language Teaching Techniques & Tips
by Jeremy Jordan
  7. Reading With Your Students From Day One
by Mira Canion

BONUS: Mastermind Q&A Sessions with the Speakers
  1. What is your number one favorite activity you play in your classroom?
  2. Name one thing you wish you had known when you started teaching.
  3. What do you do if you have a class that just "doesn't want to acquire" a new language?
  4. What is the greatest challenge you face on a daily basis?
  5. How do you cope or manage stress, frustration or burnout after a particularly challenging day?
  6. How do you deal with administrative or departmental pushback against the ways you teach?
  7. What is something you wish you could do better in your classroom?
  8. How do you get less extroverted kids to participate?
  9. How do you assess comprehension?
  10. How do you encourage students who are struggling?
  11. How do you convince your principal and students’ parents that you should be talking more than the students when you teach beginners?
  12. What is one trick you use to save time?
  13. Live Q&A Mastermind Session with Ashley Mikkelsen

BONUS: Live Q&A Sessions with Speakers

  1. Live Q&A Session with Laurie Clarcq
  2. Live Q&A Session with Maris Hawkins
  3. Live Q&A Session with Michaela McCaughey
  4. Live Q&A Session with Tina Hargaden
  5. Live Q&A Session with Sam Finneseth
  6. Live Q&A Session with Annabelle Williamson

Get permanent access to all sessions, bonuses, and PD Certificate for 22 hours.

(Regular Price $149. Now Only $98.)

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