1. Instructions

Welcome to the 2021 World Language Teacher Summit All-Access Pass Members Area!

Please watch the video and read this important information about the All-Access Pass.

Information about your All-Access Pass Members Area

I. Sessions

The All-Access Pass content is organized as a course and each of the 5 topics includes the sessions. All the video sessions are located in SECTIONS 1-5.

Inside each session you will find:

  1. The video session
  2. The downloadable mp3 audio file
  3. Bonus support material downloads related to each presentation

II. WLTS Support eBooks 

The WLTS includes a series of support eBooks. The support eBooks are located inside SECTION 0 and they are:

1. WLTS Playbook - Discover how 32 world language teachers stay energized, excited, passionate, and successful under the "new normal" this school year. Get the answers you need to thrive this school year!

2. WLTS Roadmap - This is your checklist to organize all the content of the summit. Use it to track your progress and to make sure you have all the complementary materials for each session. Included with your All-Access Pass.

3. WLTS Resource List - All the resources and links mentioned in all the presentations are in one place. Included with your All-Access Pass.

4. WLTS Action Guide (Optional Purchase) - Detailed notes of all sessions are included in this guide, plus the Next Steps that will help you take action in your classroom. If you purchased the Action Guide, the link to download was sent in a separate email. 

5. Index of Topics - Looking for something specific? Don't know where to start? Check the index of sessions organized by topics.

II. Professional Development (PD) Certificate

After completing all the sessions and sections inside, you will receive an email with a link to download and print your professional development certificate. The step-by-step illustrated instructions to get your PD Certificate are in SECTION 0, SESSION 3.

III. Session MP3 Audio Files

All the sessions include a downloadable MP3 file that you can save to your computer o mobile device and listen to them on the go. All the audio files are inside each session (below the video). If you would like to bulk download all the audio files, visit SECTION 7. 

IV. Goodie Bag

For your convenience, we have included all the presentations and materials shared by our presenters in SECTION 6. All the WLTS Goodie Bag materials are also included below each presenter's video. 

V. Updates

This All-Access Pass members area and ebooks will be updated as we receive more content during the Summit.

VI. Need help?

If you have questions about your WLTS purchase, check the FAQ in SECTION 0, SESSION 9. We are happy to help you anytime you need it. Click here to contact us.

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